How To

Applying Mineral makeup is easy; the key is to build your coverage using light layers of makeup.


First, apply Silk Veil. It helps even out skin tone and gives you a nice fresh start. Silk Veil can also be used as a finishing powder

How to apply foundation:

1. Tap a small amount of powder into empty compact or onto jar lid.

2. Swirl brush in minerals.

3. Tap brush on side of compact or jar lid to remove excess powder.

4. Buff minerals onto skin.


Tips and tricks:

1. If you have a retractable Kabuki brush, do steps 1-3, then retract the Kabuki and put the lid on. Toss the brush in your purse and now you have a loaded makeup brush for a quick touch up on the go.

2. If you need additional coverage in a certain area you can use either a concealer brush or slide the retainer up on your kabuki brush and use the condensed bristles to apply fuller coverage.

3. Once you have applied your foundation use a mister or light spray bottle to sprits your makeup (you can use cucumber water or even just plain water). It will help "set" your makeup.